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De-risk your energy projects – take off the blindfold with simulation software

Imagine showing up to work every day and having to do your job wearing a blindfold.

Engineers in the energy sector work to design and develop methods to extract oil and gas from underground reservoirs or seek to put carbon dioxide back into the Earth as part of energy transition projects. All without being able to see underground.

The subsurface is a complex, geological puzzle that requires modelling to predict probable outcomes from actions — because we can’t actually see what happens below the Earth’s surface. So how do you ensure you manage all regulatory, financial, operational, and reputational risk? Simulation software.

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Improve your Productivity

Leverage cutting-edge statistical analysis, machine learning, and impartial data interpretation to pinpoint the optimal reservoir solution. 



Innovation to advance a new energy system

De-risk projects, meet regulatory requirements and investor expectations, and drive financial targets with expert simulation technology, consulting services, and world-class partnerships. 



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AI-based Data Analytics

Improve efficiency and reduce costs by leveraging existing simulation data to achieve the fastest physics-driven production forecasts.



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The right simulation technology makes a difference

A nod to our research roots that go back as far as the 1970s, our technology is built on complex physics-based calculations to ensure accuracy with science-backed results. We are committed to ongoing innovation, research, and development to provide improved workflows for our customers and advance the new energy future. 

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