The IPSM Imperative | Connecting surface and subsurface teams

The energy industry still suffers from having too many silos — a problem that is very real when it comes to connecting surface and subsurface teams. There is technology that can be used to unsilo the teams, but it’s not being used as widely as it should.

Integrated Production System Modeling (IPSM) can help to seamlessly connect surface and subsurface teams, enabling a more holistic view of a project from end-to-end.

And perhaps most importantly, IPSM (also called Integrated Asset Modelling or Management (IAM) or Integrated Production Modelling (IPM)) provides one, single source of data which all teams have access to, and can use.

To dive deeper into how exactly IPSM reduces silos, enables innovation, and creates opportunities for growth, we hosted a roundtable discussion on the topic with leading industry experts.

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  • Dave Reid, Senior Vice President, Subsurface and Development Deepwater, Shell
  • Justin Lo, Technical Manager, Enterprise AI, Chevron
  • Roberto Motta Gomes, Reservoir Manager, Petrobras
  • Pramod Jain, CEO, Computer Modelling Group (CMG)

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