Customer Support

CMG’s focus on providing a solid technical product, high-quality user experience and expert customer support has always set us apart from the competition. CMG’s dedicated support team is comprised of practicing reservoir simulation engineers who will answer your questions, assist with installation and resolve technical issues to keep your business running smoothly.

Our Features

Customer Support

Response time is less than 24-hours on all customer support queries


Seven regional sales and support offices to provide local and international coverage

CST Team

400+ years of combined industry experience
40 reservoir engineers dedicated to customer support & training


Offers 30+ unique, hands-on, industry relevant training courses
9000+ trained engineers, since 2013
1100+ courses held, since 2013

Consulting Services

Specialized consulting services using CMG's advanced simulation technology
500+ consulting studies for 200+ customers, since 1998

CMG assists more than 600 clients globally in 59 countries, from nine sales and support offices, to help you find answers 24/7, no matter what time zone you are in. Our support does not stop at software. CMG gets to the core of your query and finds an optimal solution. This attitude results in strong customer support for all our products and services.

CMG's Worldwide Support Offices

The CMG support team provides personalized responses to all support requests. We track, monitor and review each support question received via a phone call, email or online. After initial review, your inquiry is either handled or forwarded to the subject-matter expert to ensure all complex support requests are answered accurately and in a timely manner.