CMG (TSX:CMG) is a global software and consulting company that combines science and technology with deep industry expertise to solve complex subsurface and surface challenges for the new energy industry around the world. CMG is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with offices in Houston, Oxford, Dubai, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Bengaluru, and Kuala Lumpur.

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CMG 4.0 Strategy, announced in 2022, is a multi-faceted transformation strategy to drive sustained organic growth in the reservoir simulation business, leveraging the momentum towards digitization in the energy industry and the growing need for complex energy transition solutions.

Calculating strong profitability with compelling margins

With a strong recurring revenue model and a decades-long history of compelling operating margins and strong cash flows, CMG is committed to maintaining strong per-share profitability.

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CMG intends to prudently invest excess capital, at attractive rates of return, to build durable, long-term software revenue growth and per share profitability through the acquisition of businesses that enhance and diversify our product offerings within the energy and adjacent industries.

Leadership Team

Strong, experienced, and diversified leadership


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May 28, 2024

CMG Announces Appointment of Dave Montana as VP, Global Sales

May 22, 2024

Computer Modelling Group Announces Year-End Results

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