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Integrated & Production System Modelling


CoFlow™ is the industry’s first enterprise solution that allows reservoir and production engineers to truly collaborate on the same asset.

The multi-fidelity, multi-disciplinary, and multi-reservoir capabilities result in superior engineering and economic decisions, time savings when going from concept to field implementation, and optimization of field operations for high stakes assets.

Data Consistency & Advanced Fluid Modelling

Unified Integrated Production System Modelling (IPSM)

CoFlow is the only IPSM solution that ensures data consistency across disciplines and at interfaces of IPSM model components (reservoir – well – facility). The proprietary fluid blending techniques allow the use of different fluid models in reservoirs, wells, and facilities and blended fluid models at all fluid mixing locations, to enable accurate fluid behavior from sandface to process equipment, for all hydrocarbon and CO2 sequestration applications.

Uncertainty & Optimization Workflow

Seamless Workflow for Investment Decisions

Coupled with CMOSTTM, CoFlow enables a truly integrated uncertainty and optimization workflow where big investment decisions can be gauged with attention to subsurface uncertainties, allowing anything from reservoir to production facilities to be parameterized.


Optimize IPSM Models for Cost-Effective Accuracy

Increase accuracy without sacrificing cost by choosing the fidelity of various IPSM model components based on objectives and available data. Build fit-for-purpose models with cross-discipline sharing with high performance and no loss of accuracy. Combine production and reservoir models to create a single integrated model of your complete asset.

Usability & Extensibility

Streamlined and Easy-to-Use

Traditional IPSM workflows require expert users to set up the integrated production simulation model. Using the modern IPSM workflow, CoFlow is designed to improve usability and productivity across all disciplines, as well as user experience.

The single platform allows teams to easily audit and quality control models. An easy-to-use interface includes a comprehensive set of integrated workflows which enables all skill levels to successfully create and set-up IPSM projects. The extensible architecture allows organizations to add proprietary technology or seamlessly interact with other tools in their corporate workflow. The full Application Programming Interface (API) allows users to customize the workflow for reservoir or production engineering best practices.

Integrated production simulation model for CSS development


Key Features


Take your technical skills from the classroom to your workplace

CoFlow™ is the industry’s first enterprise solution that allows reservoir and production engineers to truly collaborate on the same asset.

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