Gain a better understanding of complex reservoir characteristics and behaviors to improve the outputs from your unconventional assets.

Efficiently model the full lifecycle of unconventional assets when determining everything from greenfield development plans and completion designs, brownfield infill locations with mitigation of frac hits, and the impact of applying Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods to optimize and accelerate value generation.

Predictive forecasting and optimization increases visibility of the parameters that matter and allows you to account for various uncertainties simultaneously.

Our physics-based solutions allow you to better understand and forecast production based on the unique requirements of your project, while integrating seamlessly into your existing products and workflows.

Oil Drill infill to mitigate frac hits
IMEX and GEM for Unconventional Oil Solutions

Reduce the Uncertainty of Complex Systems

The complexity of fluid behavior in unconventional shale and tight formations can have a tremendous impact on planning well placements and completion designs. Suboptimal designs have the potential to limit an assets potential recovery.

As the composition of produced fluids change over the life of a project, simulation provides clarity to understanding these impacts and ensures designs properly account for current and future impacts as conditions change.

Limit the Risk of Frac Hits

Through the application of machine learning, coupled geomechanics, and our physics engines, you can test and optimize all completion and well spacing scenarios to understand and limit the potential of frac hits, and ensure that planned operations maximize the potential recovery of an asset.

Optimize Recovery

Unlock the power to investigate the impact of EOR to extract every last bit of value from your unconventional asset. Whether you’re looking to model the impact of huff and puff scenarios with CO2 or light hydrocarbons, or implement water or chemical flooding, simulation allows you to optimize your returns on investment while accounting for the actual science and complexities at play.

Complimentary Products


Compositional, Unconventional & Advanced Processes Simulator

GEM™ is the world-leading Equation-of-State (EoS) reservoir simulator for compositional, chemical and unconventional reservoir modelling. 


Black-Oil & Unconventional Simulator

IMEX™ is the world’s fastest black oil reservoir simulator for modelling primary, secondary, and tertiary oil recovery processes. Quickly screen prospects, set up pilot designs, monitor and optimize field operations, and improve production performance.

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