Integrated Production System Modelling

Technology that connects surface and subsurface teams will be the key to removing silos in an energy industry that is both growing and transitioning at the same time.

With a collaborative system, organizations can make better design decisions to optimize their energy projects, saving time and improving the return on investment for high-stakes assets.

Our IPSM solution enables a more holistic view of a project from end-to-end. Reduce risk in your operations and add value to the most high-profile, high-stakes offshore and onshore energy and CCS plays with robust and optimal designs for wells and surface facilities under subsurface uncertainties. 

IPSM enables reservoir and production teams to collaborate on a single platform for easy coupling of reservoir models to production systems. Now you can manage asset planning, contracts, deliverability, and development options efficiently with the use of an advanced network solver to handle future uncertainties.

An improvement of 5% for every 10,000 bbl/day is worth an incremental $5.5 million USD in profit each year, with typical IPSM deployments delivering up to a 15% increase.

Remove Silos

Disjointed models create inefficiencies and lead to suboptimal decision-making. IPSM connects surface and subsurface data simultaneously, integrating information from the subsurface and production to export, which can significantly increase profitability. Connect multiple reservoirs, fluid systems, and surface systems accurately and analyze scenarios to determine optimal plans for developing large onshore and offshore assets in phases.

Improve Return on Investment

The right IPSM technology can deliver over 10% incremental profits with the same cost base and lower risk, with impacts being particularly valuable for assets where the cost of change can be very high. Robust design of the entire production system under subsurface uncertainties ensures your major investments are maximized for returns and are future-proof.

Debottleneck Assets

Assets can be bottlenecked because of a degradation in reservoir productivity/injectivity or because of design/performance issues in the production system. Through an IPSM system, gain insights into the causes of the problem and use the system to find potential workover, design, and operational solutions to improve asset performance.

The value of IPSM

In an industry-first, CMG hosted a roundtable discussion with energy leaders from Chevron, Petrobras, and Shell on the value of IPSM and how it’s imperative to the energy industry to optimize production and reduce risk. Check out this preview where the participants discuss the problem IPSM addresses.

The full-length recorded conversation is available on our editorial platform, Accelerate.


Integrated Production System Modelling

CoFlow™ is the industry’s first enterprise solution that allows reservoir and production engineers to truly collaborate on the same asset. The multi-fidelity, multi-disciplinary, and multi-reservoir capabilities result in superior engineering and economic decisions, time savings, and optimization of field operations for high stakes assets.


Intelligent Optimization & Analysis Tool

CMOST™ leverages cutting-edge statistical analysis, machine learning, and impartial data interpretation to pinpoint the optimal reservoir and operations solution. By harnessing the robust capabilities of sensitivity analysis, history matching, optimization, uncertainty assessment, and engineering expertise, organizations can enhance an asset’s recovery and maximize Net Present Value (NPV).

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