Our black oil conventional solution gives you the information you need to make critical operational decisions as quickly as possible.

By utilizing machine learning optimization software, coupled with the fastest commercial black oil simulator, you achieve de-risked insight and guidance in a reduced timeframe for your black oil or conventional assets on primary production or secondary recovery.  

We combine geomodelling and field optimization through an easy workflow powered by BuilderTM, IMEXTM, and CMOSTTM, and connections with 3rd party geomodelling packages (such as Petrel, Jewelsuite, SKUA GoCad, and RMS) to provide valuable insights and increase your return on investment.

IMEX and CMOST for Conventional Oil Solutions

Increase Efficiency

Simplify your decision-making process through built-in integrations and guided procedures that transition from base inputs to dynamic model creation and optimization analysis.

Improve Production

Physics-based modelling and simulation delivers unparalleled accuracy to give you the information you need to make operational decisions while accounting for the underlying uncertainties of subsurface operations.

Optimize Field Operations

Get a better understanding of production scenarios with automated base, mid, and optimal models to reduce risk in capital-allocation decisions.

Real Results

In a recent brownfield waterflood design and optimization study, we tested this seamless workflow for conventional oil modelling and achieved the following key results:


Intelligent Optimization & Analysis Tool

CMOST™ leverages cutting-edge statistical analysis, machine learning, and impartial data interpretation to pinpoint the optimal reservoir and operations solution. By harnessing the robust capabilities of sensitivity analysis, history matching, optimization, uncertainty assessment, and engineering expertise, organizations can enhance an asset’s recovery and maximize Net Present Value (NPV).


Black-Oil & Unconventional Simulator

IMEX™ is the world’s fastest black oil reservoir simulator for modelling primary, secondary, and tertiary oil recovery processes. Quickly screen prospects, set up pilot designs, monitor and optimize field operations, and improve production performance.

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