CMG has a rich history of bringing industry-first solutions to the market.

Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of energy workflows and our technology can help energy companies navigate this complex landscape.

Whether you’re starting to explore an untapped greenfield, trying to optimize an underperforming shale basin, or implementing carbon capture and storage to advance a new energy system, we have the solution for your process. Our partnerships with industry-leading organizations also ensures our customers have the end-to-end support they need. 


Understanding your field development strategy

No two assets are ever the same. Through careful planning based on science-backed technology, you can achieve increased clarity to inform production targets, budget, and objectives by utilizing the reservoir-specific recovery process best suited for your assets.

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Develop and construct your reservoir strategy with clarity

Through an integrated workflow that allows data to pass through different tools and teams seamlessly, you can confidently collaborate with your stakeholders to create the best design for your specific asset.

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Optimize your assets to their full potential

Your reservoirs will continue to change throughout their lifecycle. Ensure you’re accounting for all uncertainties and updating to current parameters to unlock the full potential of your assets for years to come.

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Confidently go from drilling to completion to production

Allocate your budget and deploy your critical assets with data-backed decision making. Now you can build your project with confidence and realize increased production, NPV, and ultimate recovery.


Integrated Production System Modelling (IPSM)

Technology that connects surface and subsurface teams will be the key to removing silos in an energy industry that is both growing and transitioning at the same time.


Our optimization software, coupled with the fastest commercial black oil simulator, delivers de-risked insight and guidance in a reduced timeframe for your standard assets on primary or secondary recovery.


Efficiently model the full lifecycle of unconventional assets when determining everything from greenfield development plans and completion designs, brownfield infill locations with mitigation of frac hits, and the impact of applying enhanced oil recovery methods to optimize and accelerate value generation.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Investigate, design, and optimize any EOR process with accurate modelling of the physics for any scale problem – from lab to asset and full-field level.

Energy Transition

De-risk projects, meet regulatory requirements and investor expectations, and drive financial targets with expert simulation technology, consulting services, and world-class partnerships.

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Data Analytics

Improve efficiency and reduce costs by leveraging existing simulation data to achieve the fastest physics-driven production forecasts.

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Set yourself free of hardware and computing power limitations by leveraging our cloud infrastructure to increase efficiency, productivity, and scale.

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