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CMG has a breadth of knowledge across the petroleum, geothermal and energy transition industries. Each type of reservoir and surface facilities system brings its own unique challenges, and understanding the physics and chemistry is essential for the development of these resources. We offer a wide range of expertise relevant to the industry today including:

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By choosing the right partner with deep expertise in consulting, organizations reduce financial and operational risk, and generate greater returns on field investments.

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Take your technical skills from the classroom to your workplace

Gaining competence in using reservoir simulation software involves a lot of practice but for busy energy professionals in high-demand, finding time for professional development can be challenging. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your training or wanting to get to the next level of proficiency, our team of industry experts is here to support you. We offer both in-person and online courses that provide the ultimate immersive experience and practical hands-on training. Learn faster, progress further, and immediately put your skills to work.


We understand the growing need for improved recovery, energy transition, and sustainability in today’s world. Simultaneously, we are seeing a growing talent gap in the energy industry. Our team of experts is here to help organizations fill this growing gap. By utilizing our comprehensive consulting services, organizations can reduce overhead and expenses, increasing revenue through giving internal team members the time to focus on other high priority work.


At CMG, we are proud to partner with a diverse range of companies that share our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our partners include technology leaders, industry consultants, and service providers, each bringing unique expertise and value to our clients.

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