Energy Transition

De-risk projects, meet regulatory requirements and investor expectations, and drive financial targets with expert simulation technology and consulting services.

Our carbon, hydrogen, and geothermal solutions allow organizations to assess and implement low-carbon energy technologies for a sustainable and secure energy future.

Energy technologies for low carbon footprint
STARS and GEM for Energy Transition Solutions

Determine Capacity and Reliability

Ensure contracting requirements are met by determining the storage capacity of the reservoir.

Assess storage reliability by understanding the injection rate parameters of the reservoir for single or multi-well projects.

Mitigate Risk

Model CO2 trapping mechanisms to understand the extent of plume migration to mitigate corporate risk and project cost escalation.

Reduce the risk of using saline aquifers for disposal or carbon sequestration through sensitivity analysis.

Mitigate corporate risk and project cost escalation by minimizing hydrogen loss due to trapping.

Achieve Compliance

Support regulatory approval.

Ensure proper surface network design to meet production and injection requirements.

Assess uncertainty and reduce environmental and safety concerns by assessing the potential for fault reactivation.

CCS Technology

Partnering with the Energy & Environmental Research Center

The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) has been using CMG simulation software for over 15 years on dozens of projects, including #CCS technology development. EERC CEO Charles Gorecki says using CMG software reduces risk in CCS projects with the ability to “make better predictions going forward to help give confidence to the regulator and the public that CO₂ is being safely and permanently stored.” 


Compositional & Unconventional Simulator

GEM™ is the world-leading Equation-of-State (EoS) reservoir simulator for compositional, chemical and unconventional reservoir modelling.


Thermal & Advanced Processes Simulator

STARS™  is the undisputed industry standard for the advanced modelling of recovery processes involving steam, solvents, air and chemicals. Investigate the effects of steam processes on heavy oil recovery by accurately modelling the effects complex thermal phenomena.

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