CMOST - Intelligent Optimization & Analysis Tool

Going Beyond Today’s Reservoir Simulation Workflow

CMOST - Intelligent Optimization & Analysis Tool

CMOST extends your capabilities and potential to improve business decisions and processes. Identify the best solution for your reservoir by combining advanced statistical analysis, machine learning and non-biased data interpretation with your engineering expertise.


  • Leverage non-biased data interpretation to improve business processes
  • Augment engineering capabilities, expertise and potential
  • Generate high-value predictions that guide better decisions


Artificial intelligence, machine learning and pattern recognition technology have come a long way, especially during the past decade. The rise in automated and AI-powered data interpretation tools, where repetitive time consuming tasks are delegated to machines and bots, is allowing many businesses to shift their focus to data-driven workflows, leading to comprehensive and efficient decision making. New advancements in CMOST augment traditional reservoir simulation workflows driven by its proxy based algorithms to leverage engineering capabilities, expertise and potential.

About This Resource

Learn how CMOST can apply neutral, non-biased data interpretation along with human expertise to generate high-value predictions that guide better decisions.