Visualization & Analysis

Results helps you increase understanding and insight into recovery processes and reservoir performance with state-of-the-art visualization and analysis capabilities. Results: Faster, Intuitive and Brand New!

Performance: Make Decisions Faster
Make fast and informed decisions about improving recovery and performance for a well or field.


  • Load large-model, memory-intensive Results files very quickly
  • Reduced memory usage and faster data reading - SR3 file format is 30-50% smaller than previous defaults
  • Common tasks such as creating plots and interacting with 3D models can be performed much faster
  • Fast, automatic re-reading and updating plots from the latest simulation results
  • Create plots and interact with 3D models more quickly

Usability: Enhanced User Experience
Enhanced interface and user experience, makes features more easily accessible and gives you more flexibility when creating plots, grouping data, and analyzing results.


  • All 2D and 3D functionality is intuitively organized and easily accessible using the Ribbon, at the top of the Results screen
  • Quickly find specific well or reservoir parameter data using the search boxes located in all sections requiring data selection from a list
  • Save commonly created plots as templates to eliminate generating the same plot each time a Results file is opened
  • Repeat plots automatically creates water, oil, and gas (WOG) rates and cumulative production for each well when Results is opened
  • Repeat plots are automatically created for all user-created plots, as long as the property is repeatable
  • Optimized workflow for creating plots and 3D views
  • Use Python to create formula-based time-series data based on any available data
Visualization & Analysis: Increase your Understanding
Enhanced visualization capabilities increase the depth of analysis, as you can compare plots and discern subtle differences that may not be detected when switching between multiple post-processing applications.


  • Quickly compare data and identify patterns, trends and relationships with the interactive dashboard
  • Seamlessly analyze results by combining plots and 3D views from multiple .SR3 files on the same screen
  • Quickly animate 3D plots and time series plots in the dashboard, with seamless interaction between 2D and 3D
  • Fast and efficient analysis of any specified time-step with the “Jump to Time-Step” option
  • Effectively analyze and visualize data across multiple monitors
  • Improve efficiency by streamlining access to functionality with the context menus
  • Efficiently load and plot well logs along a trajectory or well path (single or multiple well format, .LAS format)
  • Quickly plot property versus distance plots for analysis of trends along a certain linear path in the reservoir or along the well

Reporting: Improved Collaboration
Effectively estimate performance, recovery factor and net present value using the enhanced reporting functionality which enables you to easily communicate simulation results in both 2D and 3D formats.


  • Improved export of well summary and plots directly into MS† Excel
  • Export and quickly share simulation data as pre-formatted MS Excel tables
  • Create presentations quickly by saving images and printing plots directly from Results
  • Ability to display the latest data from a simulation run before its completed for up-to-date reporting of results

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