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Three-Phase, Black-Oil Reservoir Simulator

An indispensable tool to model complex, heterogeneous, faulted oil and gas reservoirs, using millions of grid blocks, to achieve the most reliable predictions and forecasts. Use IMEX for screening prospects, setting up pilot designs, monitoring and optimizing field operations...
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Compositional & Unconventional Reservoir Simulator

GEM is essential for modelling complex reservoirs with complicated phase behaviour interactions that directly impacts the desired recovery method and estimated net present value (NPV). By using GEM, engineers are able to accurately understand and model compositional fluid behaviour...
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Advanced Processes, Thermal Reservoir Simulator

Use STARS to accurately and efficiently capture reservoir dynamics, over the entire lifecycle of the well. Through accurate reservoir visualization, engineers will clearly see changes to the reservoir based upon fluid behaviour, steam or air injection and/or electrical heating.
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Enhance Sensitivity Analysis, History Matching…

A state-of-the-art reservoir engineering optimization tool, employing innovative experimental design, sampling and optimization techniques to efficiently determine the reservoir parameters which define the production and ultimate recovery of oil and gas fields.
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Location: Calgary
Explore different EOR techniques used in tight oil formations in the industry today.
Location: Calgary
Learn the basic concepts of SAGD recovery and how to simulate this process in STARS.

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Published: Jan 11, 2017

Register for the February 2 webinar to learn how to use CMG’s ASP process wizard to easily and accurately model the ASP process in a reservoir.

Published: Oct 17, 2016
Location: Dubai, UAE
Vijay Shrivastava was awarded the 2016 SPE Distinguished Membership Award.
Published: Nov 8, 2016
Location: Calgary, AB
CALGARY, ALBERTA – CMG is pleased to report our second quarter results ended September 30, 2016.