| November 17, 2022

CMG expands focus to deliver integrated energy transition solutions

CALGARY, Alberta, November 17, 2022 - Computer Modelling Group Ltd. (“CMG”, “Company”), a global leader in simulation technology for the energy industry, today elaborates on their strategic commitment to energy transition solutions.

“As energy companies transition to a more diverse energy mix and invest in new technologies, they are increasingly relying on technology to drive strategic decisions,” said Pramod Jain, Chief Executive Officer. “We are committed to supporting our customers to meet global CO2 reduction goals safely and cost effectively through research initiatives, driving new product innovation and enhancing our consulting services for a cleaner, sustainable future.”

When using CMG products and accessing the Company’s global experience and deep industry knowledge, clients are provided with the data and decision-making criteria they need to adapt to changing markets and take the necessary actions required to remain viable, now and in the future.

“CMG’s software gives us the confidence to predict reservoir behavior and adjust those predictions based on reservoir surveillance techniques for managing large-scale and long time-horizon carbon storage projects,” says Charles Gorecki, Chief Executive Officer at the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC). “This information is integral in helping our clients and partners meet rigorous permitting requirements and ensure regulatory guidelines are not only met but exceeded.” Gorecki continued, “The combination of CMG’s visualization capabilities, high performance computing, commitment to research, and an easy-to-use interface, makes it the reservoir simulation tool for our energy transition projects.”

CMG’s expanded commitment to integrated energy transition rests on three pillars:

1.Driving industry-leading innovation through global partnerships with energy companies and research organizations;

2.Developing new robust fit-for-purpose software technology; and

3.Providing expert consulting services to support clients with applying our technologies and deriving insights into how to implement low-carbon energy technologies.

CMG has been working globally with researchers to continue to enhance our physics-based modelling capabilities, necessary to design and de-risk carbon sequestration, hydrogen storage, and geothermal energy projects. As customers accelerate their decarbonization strategies, they are leveraging CMG’s experience to support decisions impacting the deployment of these large capital investments.

Continued innovation is critical, according to Jason Close, Vice President, Product.  “CMG together with Kongsberg Digital  external link icon have undertaken a joint industry project supported and funded by key Energy Operators and CLIMIT, Norway’s national program for the research, development, and demonstration of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology,” he says. “We are currently researching and developing a new technology that enables an integrated view of fluid behavior in both the well and reservoir, allowing end users to model flow assurance for CO2 injection into depleted oil and gas reservoirs and saline aquifers. In addition to our existing portfolio, we are also developing new fit-for-purpose software tools on an open, extendable, and secure platform that will enable users to assess carbon storage and other energy transition projects.”

As the industry continues to embrace the energy transition, CMG consulting can provide the specialized, multidisciplinary knowledge needed to solve the complex problems associated with meeting CO2 reduction goals.

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