Intelligent Optimization
& Analysis Tool

CMOST extends your capabilities and potential to improve business decisions and processes. Identify the best solution for your reservoir by combining advanced statistical analysis, machine learning and non-biased data interpretation with your engineering expertise.

Know your Reservoir
Automatically incorporate all uncertainties into a model, run hundreds of simulations, analyze the data and make better business decisions.


  • Generate graphical representations of the most influential parameters to your results
  • Take the information from a limited number of runs and use it to understand how each parameter impacts the simulation results
  • Quickly answer the “what-if’s” with reservoir property sliders and real time production curve updates
  • CMOST's internal engine automatically predicts the interaction between variables when changing one or all

Augmented Intelligence History Matching
Find the optimal solution using minimal engineering time, and in as few runs as possible.


  • Automate the history matching process by using advanced statistical methods
  • Advanced calculation engines: CMG DECE, CMG Bayesian Engine, Particle swarm optimization (PSO), Differential Evolution (DE), Latin Hypercube plus proxy, or Random brute force methods
  • Create and assemble the best matches, in the least amount of runs, using advanced Experimental Design (ED) techniques
  • Easily analyze the reservoir and recovery processes with assisted HM
Optimization: Make Better Business Decisions
Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find the optimal solution using the fewest runs possible.


  • Quickly run thousands of cases to assess HM variability or field optimization and the associated probabilities
  • Define custom user defined optimization objective function
  • Use an advanced calculation engine: CMG DECE, PSO, DE, Latin Hypercube plus proxy, or random brute force methods
  • Identify an optimum (global optima) development plan or operating conditions with the least number of simulation runs

Manage your Risk
Maximize your probability of success and lower your risk with the automated Robust Optimization workflow.


  • CMG's PAR defines posterior probability density function by using "misfit" simulation results and measured production data
  • Improve the accuracy of the RBF proxy model in regions of good history matches
  • Use multiple history matched models to generate P10, P50 and P90 forecasts during field application
  • Use advanced analytics and graphical output to accurately predict probability of reservoir success with reduced risk

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