CMG Fundamentals Training

CMG 101: Simulation Workflow Made Easy

CMG Fundamentals Training

CMG is renowned for its easy-to-use products and workflows. The “CMG 101: Simulation Made Easy” webinar shows how quick and efficient it is to build a model and analyze the results. You have an opportunity to see how the CMG
simulation workflow combines ease of use and intuitiveness for building and evaluating reservoir simulation models.


  • Import and build geo models, well trajectories & completions data
  • Advanced and easy-to-use hydraulic fracturing wizard in Builder
  • Automated history matching process in CMOST-AI
  • Apply latest visualization and analysis capabilities using Results


Building a reservoir simulation model involves the challenging task of incorporating static geological data along with dynamic production data to create a meaningful and accurate representation of the reservoir behaviour. The software demonstration will show how to import or build geological models, well trajectories & completions information along with historical production data.The webinar also showcases some of CMG’s salient features such as its advanced and easy-to-use Hydraulic Fracturing wizard.

About This Resource

During this webinar, we discuss and demonstrate the CMG workflow, beginning with model creation in Builder, followed by a history match in CMOST and analysis using Results.