IMEX, STARS and GEM for Enhanced Oil Recovery Solutions

Efficient Simulation – Leveraging CMG’s Latest Performance Enhancement Technologies

IMEX, STARS and GEM for Enhanced Oil Recovery Solutions

Our ongoing investment into P.E.T. is the result of 40-years of R&D; innovation into solver technology, parallel performance and numerical tuning. As always, our commitment to our customers is to provide relevant and easy-to-use tools that will get you the most accurate results, faster than ever before.

Time is a valuable resource, and CMG values yours. Stay current with the most efficient simulators and workflows ever offered, and the tools available to improve your ability to get the most out of your reservoir simulator.

CMG's continuous investment into Performance Enhancing Technologies (PET) results in improvements along the entire simulation workflow. During this webinar, you'll hear about:

  • GEM & STARS: Adaptively & intelligently tune your model for optimal runtime, average 3x speed-up
  • Combinative: Evolution of CMG's linear solver to improve simulator performance
  • MPI: Advancement of CMG's parallelization capabilities to get the most out of existing hardware
  • DynaGrid: Utilize dynamically changing grid block sizes to optimize speed and accuracy
  • CMOST: Performance gains through time efficiency
  • Builder, Results & cEDIT: Increase productivity from dataset creation to analysis
About This Resource

This webinar introduced CMG’s new Performance Enhancement Technology (P.E.T.) that provides speed and efficiency improvements throughout the entire simulation workflow.