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Integrate Third-Party Hydraulic Fracturing Tools

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This webinar discusses how to easily import and use data from third-party hydraulic fracturing tools to improve NPV.


Hydraulic fracturing simulation is an essential part of the unconventional oil and gas development. As a reservoir engineer, you know the challenges associated with trying to accurately represent realistic hydraulic fractures in your reservoir simulation model. Several years ago, CMG implemented the Tartan Gridding approach, which models single-plane or complex propped fractures and enables you to efficiently model re-fracs and multi-well models.

CMG has extended functionality to integrate with Geomechanics-based hydraulic fracture simulators, including:

  • FracPredictor by FracGeo
  • FracproPT by Carbo Ceramics & Technologies
  • GOHFER by Barree & Associates
  • StimPlan by NSI Technologies Inc.

This integration allows for a more realistic distribution of fracture conductivity inside the fracture conduit by taking into account actual fracture geometry as well as volumes of pumped fluid and proppant; therefore constraining the reservoir simulation with achievable completion designs. There are many benefits of Geomechanics-based hydraulic fracture modelling.

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