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Results™ delivers state-of-the-art visualization and analysis capabilities to provide insight into reservoir characteristics, recovery processes, and reservoir performance.

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SAGD Simulation Modelling Using STARS

Learn SAGD recovery and how to simulate this bitumen recovery process using CMG’s thermal and advanced processes reservoir simulator STARS
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Advanced Wellbore Modelling Using STARS

Learn the theoretical concepts related to modelling of wellbore hydraulics and gain the tools required to simulate and optimize the various phases of a SAGD project’s life.
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Carbon Capture Underground Storage with Geomechanics

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Modelling Geothermal Reservoirs in CMG

Underground Hydrogen Storage Simulation Using CMG

Lean about the outstanding capabilities of GEM for modelling underground hydrogen storage in aquifers, depleted gas reservoirs and depleted oil reservoirs.
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EOR in Tight Oil Reservoirs

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