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STARS is the undisputed industry standard for the advanced modelling of recovery processes involving steam, solvents, air and chemicals.

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Thermal Recovery: Simulating Simple to Highly Complex
Industry-leading thermal reservoir simulator accurately simulates simple to highly complex thermal recovery processes, which require accurate steam distribution and conformance to provide insight into reservoir, wellbore and geomechanical caprock integrity issues.


  • Accurately model the physics of all in-situ recovery processes: SAGD, ES-SAGD, CSS, Steamflood, VAPEX, In-Situ Combustion, Foam injection, Emulsions, Gels, Chemical EOR, Microbial EOR, Low Salinity Water flood etc.
  • Leading reaction kinetic model available for a variety of phenomena: asphaltene precipitation, wax deposition, coke formation, fines and sand transport, wellbore plugging etc.
  • Account for the propagation of true, pseudo, and/or dispersed phase, components and energy through a porous medium, and their effects on fluid and rock properties
  • Advanced fully implicit geochemical and geomechanics capabilities
  • Model complex wellbore physics with heat transfer and fluid flow in the wellbore
  • Combine Dynamic Gridding (DynaGrid) with advanced solver and parallelization technology to maximize hardware potential and run large, complex simulation jobs in the shortest amount of time
  • Several advanced well management and control options

Complex Wellbore: Simulate Real-Wellbore Designs
Use FlexWell to simulate advanced well completions and well geometry to maximize recovery and NPV.


  • Model complex wellbore physics with heat transfer and fluid flow between wellbore and the reservoir
  • Accurately model simple to advanced wellbore completion configurations
  • FlexWell correctly handles multiple tubing strings, packers, cross flow, phase segregation and transient fluid flow behaviour
  • Optimize production and injection strategy by modelling different FCDs using the built-in correlations or generalized table input
  • Simulate undulating wells through multiple layers
  • Model the effects of solid deposition inside the wellbore, including reduction of hydraulic diameter
  • Advanced well controls related to steam control in the injection and production strings

Performance: Optimize Efficiency and Throughput
CMG's solver and parallelization technology maximizes hardware potential and provides you with software that runs large, complex simulation jobs in the shortest amount of time.


  • Decrease project turn-around time
  • Run more simulation jobs simultaneously and get results faster than before
  • Additional parallelization increases parallel speed-up when jobs are submitted on a higher number of cores
  • Reduce capital expenditures with efficient use of current IT hardware, no annual upgrades required
  • Quickly load results of large models using the new standardized and compressed SR3 files to maximize productivity
Chemical EOR: Full Kinetic Reaction Modelling
Design and evaluate the effectiveness of all chemical additives based cEOR processes. STARS is the only simulator that accounts for the complex phenomena required to accurately model processes such as Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) flooding, low salinity water injection, and foam flooding.


  • Easily set-up, design and evaluate the effectiveness of all chemical additives and recovery processes
  • Advanced process wizards allows for quick and easy model building of most advanced cEOR processes
  • Recover more oil by accurately modelling effects of IFT reduction in the reservoir via recurrent relative permeability interpolation
  • Reaction kinetics for rate-temperature-concentration dependent processes allow for proper modelling of ASP floods
  • Mechanistically model complex foam-flooding physics, or full-field enhanced low salinity waterfloods
  • Properly capture the formation, breaking of emulsions and foams by simulating it via reactions
  • Model important fluid-reservoir rock chemical reactions (geochemical reactions) including aqueous electrolyte chemistry, precipitation/dissolution of minerals and ion exchange reactions with clays
  • Optimize chemical EOR design and operational parameters using CMOST

Geomechanics: Couple to Reservoir Simulation
The rigorous, iteratively-coupled 3D geomechanics module accurately models subsidence, compaction and dilation behavior that occurs during thermal or advanced process recovery methods.


  • Iteratively coupled, finite-element based module for most accurate calculation of geomechancial effects
  • Model porosity-dependent and solid-component-dependent geomechanical properties
  • Simulate stress-induced phenomena, including sand production, near wellbore formation collapse and elastic or plastic deformation
  • Evaluate caprock integrity and to ensure safe operations
  • Optimize production with CMOST accounting for geomechanical uncertainty

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